Love in a Time of Child Rearing

You may well be raising children alongside someone you used to love wildly and recklessly. Perhaps you and that person once backpacked through Borneo together or sailed Greek islands or spoon fed each other gelato in Italian cities.

But that’s love then.

Love in a time of childrearing can look a little different. Other things now set your heart alight.

A Lie In

A true beloved might slip out of bed at the first chorus of ‘Mummy!’ and scoop them downstairs whilst you sleep on. You might stir at past 8am and come downstairs feeling like a new person. That’s the stuff that gives tingles under your pjs.

Odd Jobs

Perhaps they’ve topped up your windscreen wash. Perhaps they’ve remembered to pick up milk. Perhaps they’ve renewed the house insurance. These small acts of kindness may well give you sexy thoughts.

Shared Memories

The private jokes. The snigger triggers. The family malapropisms. The ‘do you remember’ whens. That’s glue. That’s love. That’s the chocolates on the pillow.

Stolen Moments

A beer and a snog in the garden. A quick pint whilst the in-laws babysit. A cinema trip. A tiptoe in to the bedrooms of your sleeping children and a high five shared for making such little crackerjacks. That sets the pulse racing.

It may not be red roses and candle lit suppers and the first dizzying flashes of lust but romance can live on- it just looks a little different.

Punting in Venice becomes Puttering on Canals

90s vs Now

From MSN Chat to SnapChat: how to feel nostalgic for a really pretty naff decade.

I was on break duty recently when I heard a student singing the opening rap of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They said they’d been watching it on Netflix. Apparently this can no longer be used as a benchmark for a ’90s childhood so I need to regroup and reassess. Here is my new collection of ’90s tells.

Bloody Netflix- coming here and ruining our cultural references.

You know all the words to Everything I Do I Do It For You

My sister had it on tape. Knowing what a tape is will also be sign.

Can be interchanged with Love is All Around

Now if you like someone you send them a naked selfie. Then you used to make them a friendship bracelet.

And even that was pretty forward.

All teens knew how to make these. Photo credit: Siesta Crafts

Now, you have pencilled on eyebrows and a full set of contouring for a school day. Then, you had a fruity lip balm and two sassy bits of hair pulled out the front of your ponytail.

And instead of a Beyoncé endorsed perfume, you had Body Shop White Musk.

Your hair stuck to it and you kept it in your pencil case

Now, the sounds of youth are tinny RnB played over a phone and the chimes of notifications. Then, it was bing-bing-whistle of dial up.

And the landline ringing and you pounding up the stairs shouting ‘I’ll get it!’

These were savage high tech

Now you need an app and a therapist to be on it. Then, you needed a folder with a bucket tonne of plastic wallets.

Made you feel good.

Notes: writers’ own

Now role models are shouty YouTubers and billionaire brunettes. Then, you wanted to cool of Claire Danes circa My So Called Life

And the boobs of Sally from Neighbours

Boob idol Photocredit:

Then you could coast school, get ‘political’ about animal testing and drink through uni and know you’ll be able to afford a house. Now, you’re the first generation to be worse off than your parents and get angry about Brexit and austerity.

And now I get why Netflix have bought back Fresh Prince: sometimes you need a reminder of simpler times.

Now they will but they’ll have other things to be mad about