Guest Blog: What to do when motherhood steals your identity by Lesley Clarke, style advisor

This post is by guest blogger and personal shopper, Lesley Clarke. Read my previous post to find about my indulgent and oddly empowering meeting with Lesley.


Becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful things in the world. However, it does come at a price – you body changes and your identity shifts. This can be quite challenging and takes time to adjust, especially with all those hormones raging round your body.


I remember being pregnant for the first time – being naturally quite small busted I was very excited at the prospect of actually having boobs! However, when the cabbage leaves go in your bra (yes they really do work for mastitis) it’s a whole different ball game!


I’m a personal stylist and my motivation is to help you feel better about yourself. We all go through wobbles, have times in our lives of self-doubt and no more so at times of great change. I believe if you feel good about yourself so many other things will fit more easily into places. This is easier said than done. When you’re exhausted with night feeds and a toddler to look after (mine were less than 2 years apart, so I know what it’s like) you can take all day and feel that you’ve made very little progress in any direction – so this is where I’m going to help with tips, advice and how to take practical steps to feel good about yourself; to be that Mum that feels together and not like you’ve been dragged through the hedge backwards!


– First of all you shouldn’t feel guilty if you are spending a bit of time on yourself. You know how good it can feel to go to the hairdressers, well when you get back and you’re with your little one, that feel good factor will rub off on them and your interaction will be of better quality.


– Secondly, focus on the things that are easier to change – small baby steps! It’s got to be realistic, there’s no good having a routine that just won’t work.


– Have you got a full-length mirror? If not, get searching on amazon because it’s important to get the right perspective – be able to see the whole you from the very top to the very bottom.


– Think colour – the power of wearing a cheerful colour and be very uplifting and your baby’s going to respond to this much better than if you’re in a dull grey. Take a look at Sarah in the section, ‘what my clients say’ on my website. She was a young Mum when we first worked together and look how fab she looks!


You might not know all the colours that work well for your natural complexion but you’ve probably got any idea about some. If you’re stuck try asking your toddler if you’ve got one, you may well be surprised with how accurate they are!

Lesley Clarke: style advisor

@LesleyStyle for Twitter



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